Title: Hair Transplantation Consultation from Hairforlife-international.com
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Hairforlife-international.com is the internet presence of Andreas Kraemer, the consultant specialized in hair transplantation since 2004, based in Kreuzlingen, Thurgau, Switzerland Hairforlife offers consultation/advice, general information, and specialist articles on the subject of hair restoration surgery. Andreas Kraemer, the owner of the Hairforlife Online Hair Transplant Consultation Service offers also an initial free hair situation assessment by e-mail (online consultation). Andreas Krämer had performed several hair transplantations himself and this experience was the reason for him to enter the industry in 2004 and to offer hair loss sufferers a detailed consultation on the subject of hair transplant in order to help them get in touch with really renowned and experienced specialists for hair surgery. Since then, Andreas Krämer has looked over the shoulders of many renowned hair surgeons during live surgeries, attended numerous congresses, and is happy to share all this knowledge in a consultation.

Address:Gut Hochstrasse 1, 8280 Kreuzlingen, Switzerland
Phone Number:0041 798201414
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