That lying son of a bitch

Date Added: September 15, 2019 02:44:01 AM
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Category: Recreation: Comedy

John gets pulled over on the highway for speeding

John: "Is there a problem officer?"

Cop: "You exceeded 80 in 55 zone. May I see your license?"

John: "ahhhh, why don't I spare you the trouble, officer? I don't have a license, so I shouldn't be driving this car that I jacked from this dude I just killed. The gun I used is right here in the glove box and his body is in that trunk"

Cop: "Holy shit!"

The cop contacts his PD and in moments there are more cops everywhere. The chief of police steps up.

Chief: "Sir, may I see your license?"

John: "Sure"

John had his license

Chief: "May I see the vehicle's owner registration?"

John: "Sure"

It was his car

Chief: "Could you open your glove box?"

John: "Sure"

There were no weapons

Chief: "Could you pop open your trunk?"

John: "Be my guest"

There were no bodies in the trunk

Chief: "Sorry to put you through this, but the officer who called me said you were driving without a license, you had stolen the car, you had a gun in the glove box, and the owner's dead body in the trunk"

John: "Yeah, I bet that lying son of a bitch also told you that I was speeding"