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Nurses Hailed as Heroes for Standing up to Protesting Covidiots in Denver, US

Date Added: April 20, 2020 10:22:47 PM
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Despite and an exponentially growing number of coronavirus cases and deaths, some people in the United States remain unconvinced of the severity of the pandemic. On Sunday, hundreds of them took to the streets in Denver, Colorado, to protest against the ongoing restrictions in the country to counter the pandemic.

Two lone healthcare workers, however, stood their ground in front of a long line of angry Coloradans, refusing to bow down to the protesters.

In photos and videos that are going viral on social media, a healthcare worker in blue scrubs can be seen blocking a line of tens of cars. A woman can be seen brandishing a "Land of the Free" poster at the worker while screaming at him and raising her fists from inside her car.

The woman yells at the nurse, asking him why she wasn't allowed to go to work while he could. In the end, she asks the nurse to "go to China".

Colorado is in a state of lockdown till April 26 following over 9,700 cases and over 420 deaths. The lockdown, however, has caused a severe economic crisis in the country, with over 22 million Americans filing for unemployment benefits in the past four weeks.

The images soon went viral on social media with many hailing the nurses for the "bada***y" and bravado. Netizens also slammed the woman whom many referred to with the stereotype of "Karen".

The number of coronavirus deaths in the United States rose by almost 2,000 in the past 24 hours to reach 40,661 on Sunday, a tally from Johns Hopkins University showed.

The rise in deaths, by 1,997, is marginally above the 1,891 which Johns Hopkins data showed a day earlier for the previous 24-hour period to Saturday.
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