Italian police arrest two anti-vaxxers for fire bombing of vaccination hub

Date Added: May 03, 2021 08:26:21 AM
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Italian police have arrested two anti-vaxxers in connection with an arson attack on a COVID-19 vaccination hub, media reported Saturday.
Paolo Pluda, 52, and Nicola Zanardelli, 51 were arrested overnight for suspected terrorism offences, according to the ANSA news agency.

The suspects are accused of an April 3 Molotov cocktail attack on a vaccination center in the northern city of Brescia that damaged one of the center’s two pavilions, the daily Corriere della Sera reported.

Vaccines held in cold storage at the site were saved because the fire did not spread to threaten the unit’s electrical supply.

The breakthrough in the investigation came with the discovery of images of alleged bomb preparation by the two individuals, the paper said.

According to ANSA, both men identified as anti-vaxxers. Shortly ahead of the attack, Pluda had written on Facebook: “If we want to destroy the enemy we must use the same weapon ‘fear’ and their fear is our unity. There are no other solutions,” the agency reported.
~ Via Politico