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In Australia rare pink flannel flowers blossoms

Date Added: February 15, 2021 01:47:41 PM
Author: Sutra Web Directory
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The blossoms grow in eastern Australia, from the Blue Mountains to north-eastern Victoria. Their seeds can lay dormant for years, requiring exactly the right conditions to germinate – a year after bushfire followed by rainfall

The pink flannel flower is also known as the ridge flannel flower because it is found on ridges

A blossom at Gooch’s Crater near Gardens of Stone national park
An aerial view of the flowers blooming on the edge of the crater

Bushfires burned across the Blue Mountains during the 2019-20 fire season, with some 80% of the world heritage-listed area damaged during Australia’s black summer bushfires

A year later, rainfall in the region has created the perfect conditions for the flowers to bloom

Pink flannel flowers have been spotted in various locations near Lithgow and Katoomba

The blossoms appear in clusters and have furry-textured pink leaves

Flowers near the Golden Stairs lookout in Blue Mountains national park

Charred trees from last year’s bushfires are still scattered throughout the landscape