Hotel bellboy left fortune by wealthy guest never has to work again thanks to life-changing gift

Date Added: September 01, 2021 06:30:52 AM
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A wealthy tourist has changed the life of a hotel bellboy after leaving him the majority of a substantial inheritance.
British man Charles George Courtney was a regular guest Korur De Lux Hotel in Kusadasi, Turkey, which is where the pair crossed paths.
During his 31 years as a bellboy in the hotel, Taskin Dasdan struck up a friendship with the Brit, who was always generous to staff.
But never in his wildest dreams did Dasdan think he would get a call from the UK to say he had been left a small fortune by the tourist.
The substantial sum of cash is reported to be the lion's share of the inheritance left by Courtney after he passed away earlier this year.
Although the exact amount of money left to the Turkish man is not known, it is enough so that he will never have to work a day in his life again.
Speaking to local media, Dasdan said that the generous bequeathment also included some smaller amounts to his hotel colleagues.
He admitted they had no idea they were in line to get anything and that he was shocked when he was contacted by UK officials about the gift.
Working as a bellboy since 1990, he had known Courtney for many years and always tried to make him feel welcome and part of the family.
Dasdan added that he also knew he was generous, as the older man at one stage had given him some money for his children's education, for which he had been enormously grateful, the Mirror UK reports.