Dog killer dies after pet owner rams him into a brick wall with his car

Date Added: January 16, 2020 03:58:01 AM
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A man suspected of murdering dogs with poison darts was killed when a furious owner ‘slammed him into a brick wall with his car’.

The pet owner has been arrested on manslaughter charges and is awaiting trial after one of his pets was reportedly killed by the man.

The deceased was accused of killing half a dozen dogs using the darts. The shocking incident happened in the Chinese city of Yangzhou in Jiangsu province. Security camera footage posted online shows the man on his scooter shooting a dog with the dart gun and leaving. However, the owner heard his dog’s dying whimpers and rushed over to find it paralysed on the ground.

He climbs into his car and gives chase, before reportedly ramming the assailant into a pillar and through the brick wall of a shop. Yangzhou City Police said that the man died at the scene and the owner is being questioned.

The owner’s family have reportedly claimed that he got the pedals confused as he was driving and did not intend to ram the suspected dog thief with his car. A female relative of the deceased reportedly said: ‘Even if we were in the wrong, that does not give you the right to be judge, jury and executioner.’ In December, eight gang members were arrested after 200,000 poisoned darts which could be fired at dogs were sold in China.

The vendors reportedly hunted dogs on the street and traded the meat in restaurants, reports The Telegraph.

The darts contained a dose of the muscle relaxant suxamethonium that was large enough to kill the dogs instantly, and could harm people who ate the poisoned dog meat. When police raided a cold storage facility near the lair of the gang in the eastern province of Anhui, they found a tonne of dogs which had been killed by the darts.