Celebrities join billboard drive to end taboo around the menopause

Date Added: August 16, 2021 06:03:01 AM
Author: Sutra Web Directory
Category: Health & Beauty

These cannabis plants grown as bonsaiThe common symptoms that herald the menopause are regularly dismissed with a joke. A little discomfort? A slight embarrassment? On Monday, a new poster campaign and online charity drive could begin to change all that.

Far from being just “a nuisance”, the slow onset of the menopause can bring with it a debilitating set of conditions and ailments. What’s more, they affect a large proportion of the population and can lead to serious permanent damage to women’s bone health if left untreated.

Now, a list of well known celebrities, including Davina McCall and Lorraine Kelly, are backing The Menopause Charity as it launches a set of five striking posters to highlight the importance of recognising a wide range of symptoms and asking for help. Clear Channel, the digital billboard company, has donated 80 advertising spaces across shopping malls in England and Wales for the rest of this month and the next.

The Menopause Charity aims to “smash the taboo around the menopause” by inviting supporters to take a selfie next to a poster and then post it online. Topics tackled are brain fog, vaginal dryness and low libido.

“The menopause is a female hormone deficiency with health risks. So many symptoms are not recognised as being a result of low hormone levels so these billboards will really help people understand more about the symptoms and also the health risks,” said Dr Louise Newson, founder of The Menopause Charity. “Far too few women are receiving adequate support, help and treatment for the menopause.”

Television presenter McCall is among the first to call on the public to take action to acknowledge the impact the menopause has on many lives. “Find a poster, take a selfie and post it! Let’s put an end to women feeling unheard and invisible,” she said. Other high-profile supporters include Liz Earle, the beauty entrepreneur and writer, and the former Olympian Michelle Griffith-Robinson.

“Women need to know that they no longer need to keep calm and carry on during the perimenopause and menopause, and that they can come to The Menopause Charity for expert advice on talking to their doctor and workplace about symptoms,” said Emma Wilkinson, CEO of The Menopause Charity

“We particularly want to reach out to underserved and economically deprived communities, who are not getting the help they deserve.”